Saturday, November 6, 2010

What the Tweet? Tea and Twitter

Growing up I was taught that it's not wise to say everything that comes across our minds. Our thoughts, we were instructed, are privacy's final frontier. As a result, be wise in what you share and with whom you choose to share it. That's a beautiful thing: we have the ability to think and to make decisions. Being human has benefits.

Participants Determine Agenda

Unlike some, I do not view social media as evil in and of itself. I find it interesting that the same accusations surround various musical genres. Social media and music are similar in this regard -- the intent determines the outcome and the participants determine the intent. Please search the Twitter hashtag for tea (#tea) for an example. For the record, there is no tea party where tea is not served and the guests leave more bitter than when they first arrived.

Connections, Friends and Follows

Face-to-face conversations are human interaction's platinum level: they are priceless and must be treasured. Social media enhances and supports human interaction. However, social media lacks the nuances that make conversations so rich, e.g. vocal inflections, body language, emotion, etc. So handle social media tools wisely. For Facebook, remember that everyone is not your friend. For Twitter, remember that if you're prepared to walk alone it ceases to matter who does (or does not) follow you. For LinkedIn, remember that there is a person behind that thumbnail-sized photo. In all you do within social media focus on the "social."

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