Tuesday, January 4, 2011

When Steep Turns to Stew (Part 2)

Whether or not we tea drinkers want to confess it, flagrant oversteeping runs rampant. It happens sometimes in spite of our best intentions. During the brief wait, our attention wanders somewhere else and we become distracted. In the meantime, the tea leaves open up graciously. Then, after several more neglectful minutes, these same tea leaves release enough tannins to become bitter and ruined. Voilà! a tea stew guaranteed to make jaws pucker and eyes water. In memoriam of the cuppa which could have been, we sing another sad song about tea gone wrong.

Fatal Distractions

Distractions quickly derail the most carefully crafted plans, from a cup of tea to a life goal. Like oversteeping, distractions present themselves often and include anything or anyone tempting us to lose focus, to decrease momentum or to get off track. However, it is only a distraction if we choose to look. We decide where we focus our attention and how much time we can afford to spend there.

Anywhere But Backwards

Tea stew reminds me that steeping in distractions ultimately results in bitterness. A new year, a birthday, or any other major life event gives us the opportunity to evaluate where we are and, if necessary, to make adjustments. Again, we decide either to steep or to stew. Hint: a properly steeped tea pairs better with most foods, e.g. tiramisu dessert from Corrado Bread & Pastry pictured above. May diligent focus yield even more delicious outcomes within our lives.

Teas Worth a Sip
Teas and/or tisanes to try include:

> Osmanthus Oolong by Ten Ren Tea

> Organic Relaxation (tisane) by Teas Etc.

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