Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blowing Off Steam - Tea and Exercise

Exercise. It is what it is: exercise cuts away obstacles towards strengthening our overall health condition. Yes, exercise literally separates our skin from our bones. What is it about these three syllables that evoke guilt, shame, and procrastination within so many of us? Exercise reminds us that we are primary contributors to our overall health and wellness.

Maslow and Motivation
Observing my exercise habits, someone recently asked whether or not I was a fitness instructor. Judge for yourselves. Enter Exhibit A: Tea and Sympathy's delicious Orange Ginger Cake, complete with warm custard. This food represents one of my basic physiological needs and is the key motivator for my resolve to keep it moving. I eat, therefore, I exercise.

Walking Rewards
One of the things I most enjoy about New York City is that it is city designed for foot traffic. For those who come here unprepared to walk, well, there's a podiatrist near you.

One day I decided to walk in order to clear my mind and to make room for new thoughts. What's the best method for dispelling stale thinking? Just add oxygen. So I started at Strawberry Fields in Central Park (West 72nd Street) and walked to Greenwich Village. After such exercise, the afternoon tea paired with ginger black tea was a welcome break. Yes, I did more walking after tea carrying my slab, I mean, my slice of cake.

The moral of the story is that exercise, like tea, adds oxygen to our lives. Just in case our Federal Drug Administration ever reads this, tea equals camellia sinensis leaves and water. Water is two parts hydrogen bonded with one part oxygen. Daily recommended value? Yes. So, let's keep moving and keep drinking tea!

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